Our Mission

ABA Therapeutics, LLC is committed to upholding the ethical standards set by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and the Board of Registration Allied Mental Health of Massachusetts while providing clinically sound, individualized applied behavioral therapy. Our mission is to foster the development and independence of each one of the children we serve.

Step 1:

Contact Us / In-take



Next we will mail an intake packet; you will be asked to provide basic background 

information about your child, proof of ASD diagnosis & 

health insurance. Once intake is received ABA Therapeutics will contact your insurance for an 

assessment authorization.

Step 2:


A Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst (LABA) will be assigned to your child's case based on their needs identified during intake. The LABA will conduct assessments and develop programming. ABA assessments typically including direct assessment (with child present), indirect assessment (file review, parent/ guardian interview) and the treatment plan write-up. 

Step 3:


Based on ​your chid's assessment results the LABA will develop a treatment plan (TP) with individualized goals and teaching methods. The TP will include recommended treatment hours and the location(s) in which treatment will take place (home, community, center-based ABA). Treatment hours typically range from 15-40 hours per week for ABA Early Intervention. Before ABA therapy begins, the TP will be submitted to insurance for coverage approval for prescribed ABA treatment hours. 

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Meet the President

Dj Murphy, LABA

Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst 

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