Each child's programming is individualized based on their need; services are not limited to those which are outlined below. 

Therapy Services​

Always taught one to one

(therapist and client) 

- in-home ABA

- center-based ABA 

- community-based ABA

- parent:child programming

On-going Services​

ABA Therapy is meant to be incorporated into the child's life, therefore a commitment to the recommended treatment hours is essential for effective treatment. Treatment hours include: 

- Direct Therapy 

- Assessment and Evaluations 

- Supervision of ABA Therapist 

- Parent Training 

Holistic Treatment​

Autism treatment takes a team including various members. ABA Therapeutics will provide clinical support and communication to all members as needed

- Family Members

- ABA Treatment Team 

- Occupational Therapist 

- Physical Therapist

- Speech Pathologist

- Primary Care Physician 

- Primary Care Givers 

(not limited to)
  • Potty Training
  • Verbal Behavior
  • Social Skills
  • Leisure Skills
  • Group Responding 
  • Safety Skills
  • Decreasing Challenging Behaviors
​Speech & Language

​Development of a functional means of communication; this may include one or multiple of the following: 

- American Sign Language (ASL)

- Picture Exchange Communication (PECS)

- Vocal Langauge 

- Gestural Communication 

- Individualized Communication Methods

​Social Skills

Skills are first taught 1:1 with the child's assigned RBT (Registered Behavioral Technician) 

then practiced w/ peers and/or siblings 

- Responding to Greetings

- Eye Contact

- Tolerating Touch 

- Gaining Attention 

- Turn Taking 

- Asserting Ones Self 

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